With a Softub, Simple Is Better!


Compare the advantages of a Softub over "traditional hard tubs".



  • Portable, easily moved and setup by one person in 30 minutes
  • Soft and comfortable, no hard surfaces
  • Quiet, yet effective massaging jets (adjustable)
  • Wide-open, unobstructed seating for deep soaking comfort
  • Ideal for aquatic exercises and hydrotherapy
  • Rugged foam sidewall construction, easy to climb in and out
  • Flat surface bottom for safe and gentle sure-footing
  • Non-porous interior surfaces and plumbing that won't attract dirt (remains clean)
  • Only requires minimal mild chemicals (Softcare gentle)
  • Best insulated and most energy efficient hot tub in the industry, plugs into any 110 outlet
  • Patented "Heat Recovery" and "SmartChip" Technology"
  • Water is heated by capturing the waste energy generated by the operation of the motor
  • Thermostatic temperature control, you select anywhere between 80 and 106 degrees
  • Lockable Thermo-insulated lid with gasket, seals heat and moisture in
  • Seven designer color choices, attractively blends into any landscaping  
  • Engineered for year-round use indoors or outside, in any climate!  Yes, including the harsh winters here in Ohio!
  • Made in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty


Most "traditional hard tubs (acrylic, fiberglass, plastic)"

  • Installation requires delivery equipment, or a moving crew
  • Must have a concrete pad or reinforced deck
  • Most models require 220 volt dedicated circuit electrical wiring
  • Not portable or easily moved
  • Noisy jets, makes it difficult to have a normal-tone converstaion
  • Not well insulated to withstand the elements
  • Irregular and hard interior surfaces
  • Fixed "lounge" seats restrict mobility and freedom to exercise, and leaves half your body above the water
  • Higher monthly energy costs, to operate the heater and multiple motors
  • Constructed of porous surfaces that attract dirt and are difficult to clean
  • Requires more chemicals to maintain water quality
  • More involved and significantly more costly to maintain and service


Interesting fact:  Many Softub owners used to own a traditional hard tub and are happy they made the switch.